Jay McGuiness' huge mistake

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  • 23 October 2015
Jay McGuiness and Aliona Vilani

Aliona Vilani and Jay McGuiness

Jay McGuiness claims he made "every mistake" he could have during his quickstep on 'Strictly Come Dancing' last weekend

Jay McGuiness claims he made "every mistake" he could have on 'Strictly Come Dancing' last week.

The 'Glad You Came' hitmaker was left disappointed when he and partner Aliona Vilani's quickstep only scored 25 points compared to their 37 marks the previous week.

Speaking on 'Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two', he said: "Basically every mistake that I would naturally make in the learning process, I decided to do them all together. I know I'm not meant to look at Aliona the whole time, and she didn't tell me off, but she told me, 'Keep looking to the left.'

"And I was looking at her and I could see her eyes wide like, 'This isn't going amazingly, Jay'. And I jumped before her and then she jumped, we were like ponies on a carousel. And I thought, 'This is on telly. There are so many people looking at this happening, real time, right now.'"

However, Aliona insists she was "so impressed" with her partner's perseverance.

She added: "Weirdly, I was so impressed with Jay. Because I know when he would go wrong before he would just stop, put his arms down and just give up.

"And I actually had a chat with Jay saying that you have to push through, you have to carry on no matter what happens, and he actually did that amazingly in our quickstep. So as things were going wrong so badly, he was actually trying to get back into the routine and I felt him pushing through and it actually made me so proud of him because of that."

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