Rod Stewart 'running out of time'

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  • 23 October 2015
Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart feels he is "running out of time" to write more songs and therefore is looking back to the past as inspiration for his latest tracks

Rod Stewart feels he's "running out of time".

The 'Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?' hitmaker has still got a long list of song ideas and isn't quite ready to hang up the songwriting pen and paper just yet.

He said: "I realised I've had quite a wonderful life and there was a lot to write about. As you grow older, you become aware that you're running out of time. That makes you look back at the past and that's what I've brought out in some songs.

"I feel as if it's a gift to still be making records and to have them sell rather well. I like to think I'm making pretty current music."

And the 70-year-old singer - who has sold over 100 million records worldwide since his first single in the 1960s - admits his songwriting process is incredibly "freeform".

He shared: "With me, writing songs is very freeform. You never know how they are going to come about."

Referring to the high note at the beginning of one of his new track's 'Please', he added to The Sun newspaper: "Some note that, innit? It came about as a pure accident. I hit that note and everyone around me said, 'Let's base the whole song around that note.'

"I'm still not quite comfortable with it because it's a cross between a falsetto and a full voice, so I have to keep practising."

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