Amanda Abbington to be first female Doctor Who?

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  • 22 October 2015
Amanda Abbington

Amanda Abbington

Amanda Abbington has joked the reason Steven Moffat hasn't asked her to appear in 'Doctor Who' yet is because he's waiting to ask her to take over as the first female Doctor

Amanda Abbington says Steven Moffat "probably" wants her to be the first female 'Doctor Who'.

The 41-year-old star has become good friends with the sci-fi series' showrunner while starring in his hit series 'Sherlock' and she's now admitted she's desperate for a role in his other venture but joked that he's simply waiting for her to take the titular character from Time Lord to Time Lady.

She said: "I'm still trying to get in there.

"You'd think I would with Steven Moffat as my mate, but yes, I'd love to be in 'Doctor Who' - he's got to put me in it.

"He probably wants me to be the first female Doctor, that's what I imagine, that's why he's holding back."

The 'Mr. Selfridge' actress also reminisced about the moment Moffat and his fellow writer Mark Gatiss asked her to star in 'Sherlock' and confessed she thought they were just asking for advice on who to cast in the role of her husband Martin Freeman's character Dr. Watson's wife Mary Morstan.

She told the Independent newspaper: "I thought they were saying, 'Who do you recommend?' And I was going to say, 'I don't know... maybe Olivia Colman, or Nicola Walker, who's one of my favourites' ... And they said, 'No, we want you to do it.'

"I remember crying and getting very emotional. They said, 'You know Martin better than anybody and you've worked with each other before, we know you've got a nice chemistry so there'll be nice shorthand there'."

Meanwhile, Amanda will next star in new BBC One cop show 'Cuffs'.

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