Louise Thompson plans to have four kids with Alik Alfus

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 October 2015
Louise Thompson

Louise Thompson

'Made In Chelsea' star Louise Thompson revealed she wants four children with American businessman Alik Alfus

Louise Thompson wants to have four children with Alik Alfus.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star has revealed that although her boyfriend is currently living in his hometown of New York while she remains in London, they've already discussed starting a family but she's worried about carrying a baby because of her tiny frame.

Asked how many kids she wants, Louise exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Four. He wants two.

"I'm small as well, I haven't really considered that. I actually hate the idea of child birth and being pregnant. I have a weird phobia of my stomach and people touching it anyway so the idea of that, having an alien inside, is really odd! "Hopefully the baby won't be too big. Or else I'll topple over."

The 25-year-old beauty - who previously dated co-stars Spencer Matthews, Jamie Laing and Andy Jordan - has even set out plans for where her future family will live and where the kids will go to school.

Speaking at the launch of London's first roast potato pop-up experience 'Sunday Best' hosted by McCain, Louise added: "I want to have a country house and a townhouse in London, he has a house in Manhattan. I'm like, 'We can have one in the Hamptons, it's fine! That's four houses!' It's great. I want my children to go to boarding school. He wants to be really hands on. I'm like,'No, let's have a nanny!' "

And although they may have different ideas, Louise has insisted she and Alik definitely have a "future together".

She added: "We talk about it all the time so it's just about compromise."

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