Jodie Marsh hits back after being pelted with eggs

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  • 22 October 2015
Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh has responded to the angry mob who pelted her with eggs while she was attempting to film a documentary in Jaywick's notorious Brooklands estate

Jodie Marsh has hit out at angry residents who pelted her with eggs as she tried to film a documentary about living on benefits in Jaywick, Essex.

Flags with the slogans "NO MORE BIAS TV' and "PROUD JAYWICK FIGHTS BACK" flew overhead as the angry mob ejected the former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star and her production crew from the Brooklands estate - classed as the most deprived in England - as they filmed a documentary for the Discovery Channel.

But Jodie, 36, has retaliated on social media site Twitter in a series of posts that attempt to win the residents' trust and warn them of the potential for bad publicity.

She wrote: "People of Jaywick: do NOT tar me or my film crew with the same brush as others. I pride myself on making HONEST, fair, decent documentaries

"... I know you have been screwed over by other film crews but I do NOT screw people over. I have been screwed over myself so I'm with you!! (sic)"

She went on: "I didn't JUDGE you, so don't judge me. If you watched any of my shows you would categorically KNOW that I don't stitch people up!!

"You will only make yourself look bad if you are vile to me without giving me a chance to talk to you. Think about it.... I'm here & ready (sic)."

Residents were left furious after Channel 5 documentary 'Benefits By The Sea' depicted the Brooklands estate as the "closest thing this country has to a shanty town".

But local builder Danny Slogget - who is working with Jodie on the show - claimed they weren't allowed to "explain" their intentions.

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's very disappointing as they didn't give the TV crew the chance to explain ... I was going to film something positive with them, but since this happened I haven't heard anything back, I'm very upset about it."

Meanwhile, filming for the documentary in Jodie's home county was concluded in the nearby Tudor estate.

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