Caroline Flack 'helped' Olly Murs cope with split

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  • 22 October 2015
Olly and Caroline

Caroline Flack and Olly Murs

Olly Murs says 'X Factor' co-host Caroline Flack "definitely helped" cope with his split from girlfriend Francesca Thomas but insists he isn't ready to date again

Caroline Flack "definitely helped" Olly Murs cope with his split.

The 'Never Been Better' hitmaker - who split from girlfriend Francesca Thomas recently - credits his 'X Factor' co-host for making things a little easier.

When she asked if she had been a help getting over his split, he replied: "You've obviously had a split this year, so it's nice to hear how you've coped with that. You have definitely helped me."

Caroline added: "I taught you all about the phases. I think it's important to talk about that because it makes it easier. I literally did everything I could to try and get over it. I would Google things like, 'How long does this last?'"

And 35-year-old presenter would have no problem setting Olly up with her pals.

When he asked if she would, she told him: "Yes. Of course I would!"

However, it is a bit too soon for Olly as he admitted: "Not now. It's too early now. Come back to me in a couple of years."

Caroline also grilled the 31-year-old singer about rumours the pair are together, with Olly insisting show boss Simon Cowell is just having a "laugh".

He told The Sun newspaper: "I haven't told him off yet. Obviously I'm not going to tell him off... The thing about it is that, even when we were on the show, Simon is always joking around and he is always trying to make you feel awkward.

"I had a girlfriend Francesca and obviously Caroline was hosting with me and he was like, "So, when are you and Caroline going to get together?" And we're like, "No, Simon!" We just always joke, it's kind of Simon's way of having a laugh. He's probably going to do it every week. But we have said it a hundred times, we're just good mates. If we did this for another 15 years, everyone would still be saying it."

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