Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story (4 stars)

Kevin Bridges: A Whole Different Story

Oiled hecklers fail to dampen Scottish comedy star’s spirit

Kevin Bridges is the first to acknowledge that this gig has been a long time coming, with a portion of audience members receiving tickets as part of last year's Christmas loot. The extended wait means that a few gems have snuck into his TV appearances but there’s plenty of great new material covering the politics of group chat, fajita rolling and the essential kit for trying new sports.

Originally from Clydebank, his success as a stand-up has seen him move to a posher part of town, take some expensive holidays and briefly enlist a personal trainer, and he’s found the comedy in every intellectual and social clash along the way. From his impressions of rich kids to his honest summary of inner monologues in museums and the creation of a food diary he think his PT wants to hear, he’s still the affable everyman. He dabbles briefly in politics but aside from a succinct comment about the government’s apparent preoccupation with disability benefits over corporate tax, the material remains very light-hearted satire.

Bridges is nine months into his mammoth tour and the cracks are starting to show. He’s evidently well versed in silencing hecklers and there’s a rousing cheer when he CTRL-ALT-DELs one he describes as a pop-up virus. Those piping up later don’t get such eloquent treatment with Bridges swearing at them before lamenting over the moronic noises flung his way each night.

Pulling himself together with an apology he saves the best until last, delivering first a hilarious summary of the highs and lows of a Spanish holiday followed by a brilliant routine about sleepovers as a kid. Alongside derisive opinions of other people’s takeaway choices and observations about the family smell, this is Kevin Bridges at his relatable best.

Reviewed at Edinburgh Playhouse. On tour until 17 December.

Kevin Bridges: Brand New

The biggest name in Scottish stand-up continues his reign with another show packed with astute observations and deathly funny gags.

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