Mackenzie Crook a victim of skinny-shaming

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 21 October 2015
Mackenzie Crook

Mackenzie Crook

Mackenzie Crook has admitted one of the reasons he avoids using social media sites such as Twitter is because he's been a victim of skinny-shaming

Mackenzie Crook is a victim of skinny-shaming.

The 'Pirates of The Caribbean' star has revealed he avoids social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram because he gets "cross" when he's taunted by body shaming trolls who target him about his looks.

Mackenzie shared: "People do go on about how skinny I am. You couldn't get away with just focusing on a woman's size these days, but it seems to be all right to do that [to a man]. It makes me a bit cross sometimes."

The 'Detectorists' actor - who admitted he quit the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise to star in another series of the detective show - added that his attempts to hide from the limelight have resulted in him suffering from severe neck and back pain.

The 44-year-old actor told Radio Times magazine: "I have five herniated discs in my neck, which flared up when I was in New York a few years ago.

"I can't remember any specific thing, but I do wonder whether it's years of wearing a baseball cap and looking at the floor."

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