Art and science intersect at the Inverleith House's Autumn Screening

Autumn film screenings at Inverleith House

Search Film / credit: Duncan Marquiss

Laura Campbell talks to Chloe Reith, curator of Exhibitions at Inverleith House, about new artist-film programme

It is assumed that contemporary art and science are polar opposites, but with art becoming increasingly research-focused, the two sometimes require an equally meticulous approach. For Inverleith House's forthcoming screening programme, the gallery will draw interesting parallels between the two.

'With our screenings we're really thinking about how Inverleith House as a contemporary art gallery sits within a botanic garden; a scientific research institution' curator Chloe Reith says. ' For the first of the series, invited speakers Isla Leaver-Yapp and Francis McKee will expand on elements touched upon in the two films within the wider context of scientific research. Both are from academic backgrounds and will definitely bring a lot to the conversation.'

The Autumn screenings will be the first of a series that Reith hopes will grow and develop over the coming year: 'We're doing it month by month, and we think it will evolve as we do it. The Autumn screenings are really a pilot of sorts for the project. We'll see what comes out of it and evaluate how successful a model it is.'

The first screening will feature films by artists Anne-Marie Copestake and Duncan Marquiss. 'The films relate to the scientific aspect in quite an oblique way; it's quite abstract. With Copestake's film for example, the connection isn't made entirely clear, but when you get into a discussion about things like the history of holography, it becomes a much richer subject.'

'We'll be working with the artist Allison Gibbs for the next screening event in November. Her interest in the natural world comes from a primary research interest in filmmaker F W Murnau who spent a lot of time in Tahiti where a plant called Ti also grows. She came to the gardens to film our collection of Ti plants, which are considered to have spiritual powers – her interest in the natural world is therefore associated and mixed up with personal psychologies and spiritual landscapes.'

Autumn Screening: Anne-Marie Copestake & Duncan Marquiss (with guest speakers Isla Leaver-Yapp & Francis McKee)

Two artist's films considering the natural world and the place of scientific enquiry.

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