Darcey Bussell underwent hip surgery

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  • 19 October 2015
Darcey Bussell

Darcey Bussell

'Strictly Come Dancing' judge Darcey Bussell underwent surgery on her hip last year after four decades of ballet weakened her joints

Darcey Bussell underwent hip surgery last year.

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge, who became the youngest principle dancer in the history of Royal Ballet at the age of 20, had her hip resurfaced after four decades of parading around the floor weakened her limbs and joints.

She explained: "I had the resurfacing because I was too young to have a replacement. A lot of retired ballerinas have hip replacements but they usually wait until they are in their sixties not forties. I just think, look, how lucky we are that we can have titanium put in our bodies and t do wonders."

The 46-year-old beauty - who retired from dancing in 2007 - has had two operations on her ankle, torn her hamstring and snapped the cruciate ligament in her knee but believes she'll suffer from far more injuries if she stops moving altogether.

She told the Sunday Telegraph newspaper: "Ever since I've given up dancing, every physiotherapist or Pilates teacher has said you have to keep moving."

She added: "If I don't, I'll have a hundred times more injuries because you get weak areas on your body. Looking after myself is something I probably have to be much more conscious of than the average person."

However, Darcey believes her body is in impeccable condition considering what she's put it through in the past.

She added: "I was incredibly supple and did gymnastics as well. So half my injuries are because I am over supple and the joints could always go that little bit further. But I was happy to push and I have no regrets. It's not a horror show."

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