Rooney Mara: Gender pay gap is frustrating

'Pan' actress Rooney Mara has admitted she finds Hollywood's gender pay gap "frustrating"

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara

Rooney Mara finds Hollywood's gender pay gap "frustrating".

The 30-year-old actress - whose film credits include 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' and 'Pan' - has revealed she's disappointed with the industry's gender imbalance, but is also appreciative to be paid for the job she does.

Rooney said: "I've been in films where I've found out my male co-star got paid double what I got paid, and it's just a reality of the time that we live in.

"To me, it's frustrating, but at the same time, I'm just grateful to be getting paid at all for what I do."

Rooney also said it's important to keep a sense of perspective when thinking about the salary of a movie star.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "It's not fair, but I think about how much teachers are getting paid, or other people who are doing jobs that are so much more important than what I do, and it's kind of hard to complain about it."

Rooney said the way women are talked about is more problematic than what they're paid.

She reflected: "To me, the thing that's more unfair than the pay is the terminology that's used to describe actresses who have a point of view, and want to have a voice in their life and their career, and what they choose to do.

"I've been called horrible things. If a man was acting in the same way that I was acting, it would just be considered normal. To me, that's the thing I find so frustrating is calling women spoiled brats and bitches. We just want to have a voice in our life, and I don't think that's anything that shouldn't be encouraged in any human."


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