Dan Callaghan 'probably deserved' sacking on The Apprentice

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  • 15 October 2015
Dan Callaghan

Dan Callaghan

Dan Callaghan has admitted he "probably deserved" to be the first candidate sent home by Lord Alan Sugar on 'The Apprentice' last night (14.10.15)

Dan Callaghan thinks he "probably deserved" to be the first candidate sent home on 'The Apprentice'.

The 23-year-old fragrance retailer director was sent home by Lord Alan Sugar in the first episode of the new series of the entrepreneurial competition last night (14.10.15) after his team made a pathetic total profit of just over £1 in the first task while he failed to sell a single item.

Dan admitted: "I think in a sense I probably got what was coming to me ... I genuinely thought I could wing it! You see it on the telly and you think, 'How hard can it be?' But at the same time, when you are actually put into a position where you have to sell something to people who aren't interested in it for a start, it's difficult.

"And I never truly realised how difficult it would be until I actually tried to do it. I got what I deserved, really!"

Dan also addressed his plan to call his team the Sugababes, insisting it was only a joke.

He told Digital Spy: "Everyone seems to think it was serious! No, it was a joke. Some people in the team genuinely looked at me like I was being serious. No, it was a joke. That wouldn't have gone down well, but I would have loved it! it's a shame, but we went for Connexus. I'm still not sure what that means."

'The Apprentice' continues tonight (15.10.15) at 9pm on BBC One.

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