Vicky Pattison blasts ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear

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  • 15 October 2015
Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison

Vicky Pattison has lashed out at her former partner Stephen Bear, calling him "horrendous" and "manipulative"

Vicky Pattison thinks her ex-boyfriend Stephen Bear is "vile" and "conniving".

The former 'Geordie Shore' star enjoyed a four-month romance with the 'Ex On The Beach' hunk but their relationship abruptly ended when he kissed his ex Connie Wiltshire on screen, leaving Vicky feeling furious.

She ranted: "I've learned an awful lot from Stephen Bear and I suppose I should thank him for that. He's literally the most vile, horrendous, snaky, conniving and manipulative person I have ever met.

"I'm truly shocked that I've allowed myself to be so taken in - but there you go. Love is blind, or in my case, blind, dead, stupid."

Despite the sudden downfall of their relationship, Vicky insists she isn't bothered by him cheating as she's already over it.

She ranted: "I'd love to say I'm devastated, heartbroken and that I won't ever be able to put the pieces of my soul back together - but it'd be a lie. I'm completely desensitised to it all.

"I have never allowed a man to mug us off as many times as he has. I feel I'm over it. I can't even say it'll hurt seeing him with other people because I've already seen him with half of the f***ing 'Ex On The Beach' cast. So I think I'll be OK."

But the 27-year-old reality star admitted she really hoped the relationship would succeed.

She told new! magazine: "I tried to make the relationship work because I did care about him. But there are a lot of things I stand for. I have lasses who look up to me and it's about strength of character and having a low bulls**t tolerance."

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