Lucy Watson says her girl-like boyfriend suits her

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  • 15 October 2015
Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

'Made in Chelsea' star Lucy Watson is loved-up with co-star James Dunmore and shares "bitchy" conversations with him

Lucy Watson loves having a "bitchy" boyfriend.

The 'Made in Chelsea' star is smitten with co-star James Dunmore and particularly likes the fact she can talk to him about anything.

She said: "He's really honest and reliable and a good listener too. He's like a girl. He's really bitchy so if I want to bitch about someone he's there, ready."

Meanwhile, James likes Lucy's "super-nice" side and also the fact she isn't afraid to stand up to him.

He said: "I like the fact Lucy can put me in my place.

"I see a side of her that other people don't - she's super-nice and cute."

Lucy, 25, also admitted she is worried about having another romance on the show because they haven't worked out too well in the past.

She said: "I do [worry] because I've had relationships on the show in the past and they've never been that great. But James is completely different to anyone I've ever met before."

However, James, 27, isn't as concerned.

He told OK! magazine: "It's different because I'm friends with the guys and people seem happy that we're together.

"If I was someone's ex, then they may try and cause s**t. It takes a lot for me to get bothered anyway."

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