Donal MacIntyre's wife brands him 'lying, cheating scumbag'

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  • 14 October 2015
Ameena and Donal

Ameena and Donal MacIntyre

Donal MacIntyre's wife has reportedly branded the investigative journalist a "lying, cheating scumbag" in an angry post on her Facebook page

Donal MacIntyre's wife has branded him a "lying, cheating scumbag".

Ameera MacIntyre - who has been married to the investigative journalist since 2006 - reportedly slammed her husband and accused him of being unfaithful to her in an angry post on her Facebook page.

According to The Sun newspaper, it reads: "Lying cheating scumbag. How could you ruin this family??? (sic)"

Ameera - who is a TV producer and agent - is said to have written the caption underneath a photo of Donal and their three children, Allegra, Hunter and Tiger-Lily.

A friend of Donal's wife is said to have commented on the post, writing: "I'm so sorry. How could someone do this? Is there no hope?"

Meanwhile, Donal's Twitter account has since been deleted, with Ameera confirming it no longer exists to one of his old friends.

A user named Ellie Monteith wrote: "Is "DonalMacIntyre OK?His twitter account has gone. He's an old friend of mine(Juliette Sutton) Hope he got my DM. Hope all ok (sic)."

Clearly not in the mood for small talk, Ameera simply replied saying: "Yes it's gone."

Ameera's outburst comes shortly after she praised her husband for his comments on marriage during an appearance on 'The Wright Stuff'.

She wrote on Twitter,: "@DonalMacIntyre @5WrightStuff great discussion on marriage vows/affairs really interesting #grassisnevergreener (sic)."

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