Preview: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Music Highlights

Preview: Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival Music Highlights

Kathryn Joseph / credit: Jannica Honey

Featuring Kathryn Joseph, Turntable and Headspace Festival Day

Sometime Zoey Van Goey fulcrum and regular theatre score composer Michael John McCarthy presents a personal project about music. Designed to celebrate the healing properties of music, participants will be invited to play a record of their choice and talk about what it means to them.
Scottish Storytelling Centre, Edinburgh, Sat 10 Oct; Sunshine Recovery Café, Paisley, Wed 14 Oct; Platform, Glasgow, Sun 25 Oct.

Music Matters with Kathryn Joseph
Presented in association with the Edinburgh Carer’s Council, this evening of music welcomes The Son(s), Glasgow singer-songwriter Yusuf Azak and Kathryn Joseph, the Aberdonian winner of 2015’s Scottish Album of the Year Award for her record Bones You Have Thrown Me and Blood I’ve Spilled.
Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Thu 22 Oct.

Finding Our Voices
Protest songs will be celebrated here, as well as the practise of advocacy. Participants can involve themselves in creating their own piece of protest music, and can bring their own instruments if they’d like.
Out of the Blue, Edinburgh, Sat 24 Oct.

Headspace Festival Day
A day of theatre, art and music which draws together a lot of work done through the venue’s ongoing Platform For Health strand. Music highlights on the day include Turntable (see above), Platform For Health participants performing songs written by Louise Quinn, and RM Hubbert and Wounded Knee’s music made as part of their ‘Easterhouse Conversations’ with residents of the area.
Platform, Glasgow, Sun 25 Oct.

Push Me, Pull Me
Prose, poetry and song come together, with Polly Phillips providing the music. Also appearing are the Writing Mums, who create work discussing issues of motherhood, and poet Jenny Lindsay, whose work touches upon issues of mental health.
Dunbar Library, Wed 28 Oct.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival takes place in various venues around Scotland from Sat 10 Oct to Sat 31 Oct.

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival

One of Scotland’s most diverse and inclusive cultural events, combining high quality artistic events with extensive community-led programming and a social justice agenda.

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