Tom Bleasby through to The X Factor Judges' Houses

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  • 12 October 2015
Nick and his Judges' Houses contestants

Nick Grimshaw and his Judges' Houses contestants

Tom Bleasby is one of six contestants who have made it through to Nick Grimshaw's Judges' Houses on 'The X Factor' despite originally not being given a seat during the Six Chair Challenge

Tom Bleasby has made it through to Nick Grimshaw's Judges' Houses on 'The X Factor'.

The 18-year-old hopeful was originally told he hadn't made it past the brutal Six Chair Challenge on last night's (11.10.15) episode but after the crowd began booing after Nick's decision, the BBC Radio 1 DJ quickly changed his mind after fellow new judge Rita Ora gave him a few words of advice.

She said: "Are you crazy? The crowd are going to kill you for that."

The 31-year-old star soon realised his mistake and asked Rita, 'Should I bring him back? This is overwhelming."

And after finally making up his mind, he said: "Can we bring Tom back?"

However, Tom was not the only contestant at the centre of the drama last night as Mason Noise ruined his chances of making it to the next stage after accusing 'The X Factor' of editing down his audition tape.

He said: "Okay I'll go for it straight. The first audition I watched on Saturday, people had ten minute slots - but I was cut to 47 seconds!"

Show boss and judge Simon Cowell was less than impressed with his attitude, replying: "First of all, why don't you apologise to these guys over there who spent hours editing your audition and this show.

"Don't come on and insult this show and insult my producers."

In addition to Tom, Nick - who admitted he would have given Mason a seat if it weren't for his behaviour - also chose to take Ben Clark, Che Chesterman, Josh Daniel, Simon Lynch and Sean Miley Moore to his Judges' Houses.

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