The stakes are high on second series of 'Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison'

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  • 12 October 2015
Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison returns with 'Dance Mums' on Liftime channel Monday at 9pm

Jennifer Ellison's reality TV series 'Dance Mum's is back for more ruthless competition with jaw-dropping talent

Jennifer Ellison's second series of 'Dance Mums' has "more at stake".

The 32-year-old star - who trained in ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance - is passing on her vast knowledge to young girls and parents but admitted the pressure has upped a level this season.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Anyone who's been a fan of the first series is absolutely going to love the second. It's taking it up a level, there's so much more at stake."

Despite the parents wanting their kids to do well and have fun, Jennifer's revealed her role can sometimes turn into being a "boxing referee".

She continued: "I have to say they've all got their daughters best interests in heart and each week only one or two people can have a lead in the show. Then they won't be happy but it's the passion that drives them. It can be extremely difficult sometimes to work with them because a lot of the time they think they know best.

"You do definitely get pushy mums. Sometimes I see the children I'd like to work with and the mums are the hard work, and I end up like a boxing referee! I have to deal with the mums, I have to deal with the kids, deal with the championship."

But the 32-year-old beauty doesn't mind because she gets excited when faced with jaw-dropping talent.

She added: "When you see some of the talent it's an instinct that you just kind of want to work with them ... I do the make-up, I do the hair, I can't help myself because I want them to look their best. So I get 110 per cent involved."

'Dance Mums With Jennifer Ellison' returns to Lifetime on Monday October 12 at 9pm.

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