The stakes are high on second series of 'Dance Mums with Jennifer Ellison'

Jennifer Ellison's reality TV series 'Dance Mum's is back for more ruthless competition with jaw-dropping talent

Jennifer Ellison

Jennifer Ellison returns with 'Dance Mums' on Liftime channel Monday at 9pm

Jennifer Ellison's second series of 'Dance Mums' has "more at stake".

The 32-year-old star - who trained in ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance - is passing on her vast knowledge to young girls and parents but admitted the pressure has upped a level this season.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "Anyone who's been a fan of the first series is absolutely going to love the second. It's taking it up a level, there's so much more at stake."

Despite the parents wanting their kids to do well and have fun, Jennifer's revealed her role can sometimes turn into being a "boxing referee".

She continued: "I have to say they've all got their daughters best interests in heart and each week only one or two people can have a lead in the show. Then they won't be happy but it's the passion that drives them. It can be extremely difficult sometimes to work with them because a lot of the time they think they know best.

"You do definitely get pushy mums. Sometimes I see the children I'd like to work with and the mums are the hard work, and I end up like a boxing referee! I have to deal with the mums, I have to deal with the kids, deal with the championship."

But the 32-year-old beauty doesn't mind because she gets excited when faced with jaw-dropping talent.

She added: "When you see some of the talent it's an instinct that you just kind of want to work with them ... I do the make-up, I do the hair, I can't help myself because I want them to look their best. So I get 110 per cent involved."

'Dance Mums With Jennifer Ellison' returns to Lifetime on Monday October 12 at 9pm.


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