Best ghost tours in London

Best ghost tours in London

Our picks for the best and scariest city tours for Hallowe'en

London has a long and bloody history, perfect fodder for the morbidly curious. To this day, Whitechapel attracts vast swathes of tourists (and controversy), keen to learn more about the horrific crimes of Jack the Ripper. While the capital grows ever skyward day by day, there's something about its meandering backstreets and surviving Gothic architecture that accentuate its ghostly past.

Best for history
Scandalous Southwark Ghost Tour
The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs, Tooley Street, SE1
Travel back in time and meet London's historic inhabitants.
Price: £20 (children £10)
Age restrictions: N/A

Best for teens
Teens London After Dark Ghost Tour
Open Arts Cafe, Upper Berkeley Street, W1H
A ghost tour specially created to appeal to teenagers.
Price: £10
Age restrictions: Teenagers only

Best for exploring a haunted factory
Ghost Tours
Firepower - The Royal Artillery Museum, Royal Arsenal, SE18
A ghost tour around the Royal Arsenal, a former factory with a dark history of accidents, murder and suicide. What could possibly go wrong?
Price: £12-14 (children £8)
Age restrictions: There are two shows: one for adults only, the other for families

Best for families
Family Ghost Tours
National Trust: Ham House & Garden, Ham Street, Richmond
A spooky stroll around Ham House and Garden. Learn about its ghostly secrets, including
a spectral dog and a haunted step.
Price: £9.50
Age restrictions: N/A

Best for kids
Hallowe'en Ghost Tours
Hampton Court Palace, East Molesely
With Henry VIII its most famous resident, it's no wonder that death is alleged to lurk around Hampton Court Palace. Learn about its sordid history and perhaps sneak a peak at its most famous ghost.
Price: £14 (children £7)

Teens London After Dark Ghost Tour

Starting at WLS, discover London's secret history in a journey through time.

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