Sherrie Hewson had cancer scare before CBB

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  • 9 October 2015
Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson

Sherrie Hewson has revealed she had a cancer scare before going on 'Celebrity Big Brother' when she found a lump in one of breasts but luckily she was told the abnormality was just a cyst when she had it checked by a doctor after she left the show

Sherrie Hewson has confessed she had a cancer scare before going into the 'Celebrity Big Brother' house.

The 'Loose Women' star revealed she found a lump in one of her breasts just ahead of the launch of the last series of the reality TV show on August 27 but she ignored what she discovered and went ahead with her appearance on the programme.

Sherrie, 65, eventually got the lump checked by doctors and was told it was nothing more than a cyst but she regrets her lack of action and decision to carry on with 'CBB'.

During an appearance on the chat show today (09.10.15), Sherrie emotionally revealed: "I found a lump just as I was about to go into the Big Brother house. And I just ignored it. It was the stupidest thing I've done in my entire life ... luckily it was just a cyst, nothing more serious.

"My fear was a; I didn't want to know, and b; I didn't want to tell anybody. And I think really really if you speak to people in the street they will tell you that's one of the biggest problems - terror. You don't want to look, touch or feel (it) and think it could be me, I'll put me head in the sand and pretend it's not me. And I think that's what happened to me."

Sherrie's worries about the lump contributed to her being subdued on the show and she has urged other women who discover anything unusual with their breasts to not act irresponsibly like she did and bury their head in the sand about the situation.

Speaking on a special breast cancer survivors party episode of 'Loose Women', she added: "I felt it before I went in the house. People thought I was quiet, but it was that. The main thing for me (in there) was to have a glass of wine because I thought, 'That'll take it away.'

"You've got to face it. It could be you, you've got to get on with it and do something about it ... The reason I want to share this today is because I want people to look at me and think, 'Don't be that stupid.' Be honest with yourself. So anybody listening please don't do what I did."

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