Heidi Talbot - In Love and Light (3 stars)

Heidi Talbot

(Navigator Records)


It seems folk singers just ain’t content with being plain old folk singers these days. Admittedly, the boundaries between folk and the singer-songwriter game have long been fairly blurred anyway, but more and more of the younger singers seem intent on shifting away from any purist folk notions toward an area floating somewhere between folk and acoustic pop. Irish singer Heidi Talbot, once of Cherish the Ladies but now based in Edinburgh, works that vein profitably on this second solo album.

Talbot casts her net wide for material. Traditional songs ‘Glenbogie’ and ‘Bedlam Boys’ stand alongside a cover of Tom Waits ‘Time’ (her ethereal voice lacks the requisite gravel), album producer Boo Hewardine’s ‘Invisible’, The Ink Spots ‘Whispering Grass’ and a duet with Kris Drever on ‘The Blackest Crow’. Sweetly done, and with top-class instrumental collaborators, including John McCusker, Donald Shaw, Michael McGoldrick and John Doyle.

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