The Teak Project (3 stars)

The Teak Project

(First Hand Records)


The Teak Project is a collaboration between sitar player Jonathan Mayer (son of Indo-jazz fusion pioneer John Mayer), guitarist Justin Quinn and tabla player Neil Craig. They describe the project as a collaboration of disciplines and an opportunity to investigate new directions in their playing away from the strictures of a specific genre or tradition, although there are plenty of connections to such traditions that emerge in the course of their music.

They recognise that it is a very different music scene (and society) now to the one in which Mayer’s father created his groundbreaking 60s experiments with jazz musicians (notably the great Joe Harriott), and are not so much breaking down genre boundaries as teasing out fresh inflections from a shared multi-cultural context.

All three contribute compositions to the seven originals that make up the disc, and the result is a subtle and quietly enjoyable fusion.

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