The Dirtbombs - We Have You Surrounded (3 stars)

The Dirtbombs

(In The Red)


Pity The Dirtbombs. While frontman Mick Collins (with his former outfit The Gories) can claim to have been a formative influence on The White Stripes, they may always be known to the wider public as second wave garage bandwagon riders. On the other hand, now that Jack’s abandoned Detroit, it’s up to The Dirtbombs to keep the dream alive and they make a good fist of keeping Motor City’s fires burning with this collection.

The Dirtbombs’ unabashed love of music, be it soul (‘Ever Lovin Man’), weird pop (Sparks cover ‘Sherlock Holmes’) or machine music (‘Race to the Bottom’) shines through their rudimentary playing style and, like a jukebox in a dive bar, it’s a safe bet that The Dirtbombs will still be going strong when the next revival rolls around.

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