Ally Kerr - Off the Radar (3 stars)

Ally Kerr

(Much Obliged Records)


Off the Radar is the second album from one of Scotland’s brightest rising stars, Ally Kerr, whose debut set Calling Out to You from 2005 was hailed by critics from as far afield as Tokyo; the Glaswegian can be traced back as early as 2003 when he released a John Peel-friendly EP. Echoing the likes of Stephen Duffy, Tim Burgess and Belle & Sebastian, this follow-up – featuring The Pearlfishers’ David Scott at the studio controls – will reach out to the bedsitter student among you, perfunctory single ‘Could Have Been a Contender’ being an enjoyable opener.

While Kerr shines lyrically (bar the soppy ‘Toothbrush Song’), his other goal is to subdue the listener into a feel-good euphoria via highlights ‘Be the One’, ‘Amorino’, ‘Is it Too Late to Work for NASA?’ and the candy-coated grunge title track. Now get out that moth-ridden flowery shirt and drive.

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