Sir Tom Jones: Modern music 's**t'

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  • 6 October 2015
Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones

Sir Tom Jones thinks modern music is "s**t" so wouldn't have a problem rising to fame if he started his career now

Sir Tom Jones thinks modern music is "s**t".

The 'Delilah' hitmaker is unimpressed with the current crop of musical talent and believes he would have no problem becoming a star if he was just starting out in music now as modern stars are no match for classic artists like Elvis Presley.

Asked if he would have the same success if he started singing now, he said: "Definitely. With the s**t that's around now, no problem! I was up against Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin ... the British thing was huge then so to be successful at that time was tough."

However, the 75-year-old star is a fan of some new acts and praised Tori Kelly who was famously rejected on 'American Idol' before forging her own career.

He revealed: "I like Bruno Mars, and Tori Kelly - the best female around today, of the new female singers she's the best. Truly great. She did try 'The X Factor' and [Simon] Cowell said no, he hated her voice. There's proof right there - if he hates it, it's great. She plays great guitar, she's a great looking chick and she sings like an angel. She can sing like Jessie J, all the vocal tricks. And she writes, too."

Meanwhile, he revealed he would be up to record a new James Bond theme tune following the success of 1965's 'Thunderball' but hasn't yet listened to Sam Smith's effort for 'Spectre', 'Writing's On The Wall'.

Asked if he would sing a new Bond song, he told The Guardian newspaper: "Yes. With the right song, yes. I think the songs are different now though. When I recorded 'Thunderball', it fit Sean Connery. It was a macho song for a macho James Bond at the time. I like Sam Smith and I'm looking forward to hearing his song."


1. David Gibbs6 Oct 2015, 3:30pm Report

I agree with Tom Jones.There is no one of the calibre of Elvis around today and in truth it would not be possble for anyone to have the impact he did in 1956.The time was just right and he had such an incredible voice and presense.Everything since sprang from him.

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