Natty (4 stars)


Nice’n’Sleazy, Glasgow, Tue 1 Apr


‘You’ve made my night very enjoyable,’ says Natty at the end of his infectiously sunny set, before needlessly adding: ‘I hope I have yours.’ It’s a suitably charming signing off from this Londoner; fresh from supporting the likes of Kate Nash and Adele, he’s calling this his ‘laid-back’ tour and with good reason.

A jaunty rendition of ‘Badman’ marries bongos with acoustic guitar to toe-tapping effect, while new material is showcased with ‘let’s just see what happens, yeah?’

While he sings in his soothingly hushed tones about dreaming about girls in bikinis in one song, he’s been dreaming about revolution in another, and there’s definitely a politicised edge, touching on black history, and ‘giving a hoodie a hug’ on forthcoming single ‘Cold Town’.

The sombre ‘Say Bye Bye’ sees his perma-grin disappear briefly, only to make a dramatic return when he says he loves Scotland (‘it’s great!’) but that it rains every time he visits. But anyone who can turn a cold, drizzly night into a warm, chilled-out summery celebration is a dead cert to be making plenty more evenings enjoyable.

Natty and Ayanna Witter-Johnson

Rising roots reggae star from London.

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