Steven Moffat wants K-9 back in Doctor Who

'Doctor Who' showrunner Steven Moffat wants to bring robot dog K-9 back to 'Doctor Who' for an adventure with Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi

K9 and Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

K9 and Fourth Doctor Tom Baker

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat wants to bring K-9 back to the show.

The showrunner loves the robot dog who accompanied Fourth Doctor Tom Baker on his many adventures and he is desperate to weave him into a story with current TARDIS incumbent Peter Capaldi.

Moffat came very close to putting the metallic mutt in last year's Christmas special but ultimately decided to wait for a better idea for K-9's comeback.

In an interview with TV & Satellite Week magazine, he said: "I love K-9! I nearly put him in 'Last Christmas'. I had a whole scene where the Doctor was pointing out how ludicrous Santa Claus is, having a reindeer with a glowing nose and so on ... and then in comes K-9. Completely daft, but he's brilliant. I'm totally up for K-9 when we have the right idea."

K-9 was last seen in 'Doctor Who' in the 2006 episode 'School Reunion' with the Tenth Doctor - played by David Tennant - and the Fourth Doctor's much loved companion Sarah Jane Smith, played by the late Elizabeth Sladen.

The metallic mutt - who has had several incarnations - was then a regular in spin-off show 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' and previously had his own spin-off series.

Moffat still has time to fulfil his dream of bringing K-9 back because he has no intention of leaving the BBC One series any time soon even though he has been showrunner since 2008 and also works on 'Sherlock'.

He said: "I thought I'd be gone by now, to be honest. I thought I would get tired by it, and of it. But I haven't. If anything, I think I cope with the stress and fatigue better than I used to. So I take it a year at a time. But they might decide that they've had enough of me and kick me out!"


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