Down The Tiny Steps, Le Reno Amps and Doug Johnstone (4 stars)

Le Reno Amps

Le Reno Amps

13th Note, Glasgow, Thu 20 Mar


A little bit country, a little bit rock’n’roll. And, to kick off, some acoustic folk from sometime author Doug Johnstone who, confusingly, is premiering the back catalogue of The Ossians, a band invented for his latest novel. Pleasingly, the tunes are akin to a stripped-down Northern Alliance, the band which Johnstone fronts on his nights off.

Le Reno Amps are the Swiss army knife of music. Shifting from country-rock to metal powerchords and back to pop is achieved seamlessly with a grin and a clutch of lusty harmonies by the foursome. They power up the evening’s energy levels another notch.

So, Down The Tiny Steps have a big act to follow, but the beauty of this line-up is in the contrast. Thus, the headlining Fence artists bring in repetitive beats and an array of flashing lights and meters to propel their tunes; think Beck or The Beta Band with a decided Fife accent. With the packed crowd just about able to tap a collective foot, a diversion into dance territory is the perfect way to end an eclectic evening.