Daniel Kitson announces live dates with Gavin Osborn

Daniel Kitson announces live dates with Gavin Osborn

credit: 'Kitson & Gav' by Isabelle Adam is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Protean master of 21st century stand-up and his longtime collaborator hit the road

Autumn UK tour dates have been announced by Daniel Kitson, the man who has done for conventional stand-up comedy what Louis Pasteur did for bacteria.

Kitson, just in case you've been hermetically sealed in a can for the last five years and have never heard of him, is one of the most imaginative and highly-regarded performers of his generation: his 2015 Fringe show Polyphony got five stars from The List and indeed his last five shows have received from us an average rating of 4.4 stars, which is very much in the unheard-of territory. He's going on the road with Stories for the Starlit Sky, a show he created with friend, collaborator and singer-songwriter Gavin Osborn.

Stories for the Starlit Sky was first performed in Regent's Park Open Air Theatre in 2009 and reprised at Latitude festival a couple of years later. Since then, further tweaks have been made and the revised version hits venues in Scotland, England and Wales in October and November. It consists of a trilogy of pieces with spoken word and songs about love, staying up all night, and 'a village populated by retired assassins'.

Kitson admitted that the show isn't touring to as many venues as he would normally like, which is partly due to existing commitments on his and Osborn's part, and partly due to the 'slightly marathon nature of the show'. He is, however, thinking of coming up with an entirely new stand up show for 2016, and is trying to arrange New York dates for December.

Stories for the Starlit Sky is on tour in October and November.

Stories for the Starlit Sky: A Tour of a Trilogy

Daniel Kitson (The D Machine) and Gavid Osborn (G Unit) (parenthetical nicknames Kitson's own) have written a trilogy of stories about love, staying up all night and a village populated by retired assassins. They've been performed intermittently since 2009, but now they're out on tour, all three pieces performed in one…

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