Jeremy Kyle's wife 'had sex up to 20 times with polo player'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 September 2015
Carla and Jeremy

Carla Germaine and Jeremy Kyle

Polo player James Carr has claimed to have had sex up to 20 times with Carla Germaine, the wife of Jeremy Kyle

A hunky polo player has claimed to have had sex up to 20 times with Jeremy Kyle's wife.

The 50-year-old TV host and his model wife Carla Germaine recently announced an amicable split and now, James Carr has claimed to have bedded the 40-year-old blonde in the space of "six or seven meetings" while Jeremy was away in the US.

He shared: "Carla called after midnight asking if I wanted to meet her outside for a cigarette.

"We had a smoke and a chat and she told me Jeremy was in America. Then suddenly we began kissing. Without talking, I took her hand and led her inside my house.

"Carla took her high heels off so her shoes wouldn't make a noise on our stone stairs. We didn't want to wake my housemates. We started having sex - it was amazing."

However, the sportsman insisted he never considered starting a relationship with Carla, saying it was "never anything more than just sex".

He told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "She is fun, a good laugh and has a good sense of humour. In terms of her character she is very soft and very nice. You couldn't fault her. I liked being around her.

"We were having fun and it was never anything more than just sex.

"It never crossed my mind to suggest going on a date because it would have been stupid to. Because it couldn't mean anything, it meant that there wasn't a lot of affection.

"We never had sex in their property - only at mine."

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