Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision


King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 22–Sat 26 Apr


The Eurovision Song Contest has always been a beast of wild contradictions. The annual competition is regular derided for its middle-of-the-road compositions, political voting and the never-ending presenting of the results, and yet it is one of the most watched non-sporting events in the world, regularly attracting 150 million viewers – clearly something of a guilty pleasure for many.

It’s perhaps unsurprising then that this unlikely example of European cooperation and cultural fraternity should have spawned one of the most popular success stories of last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Eurobeat – Almost Eurovision drew huge crowds of excited Europop fans to the Pleasance last August and scooped the inaugural MTM Best Musical Award at the end of the summer beano.

Ironically, the show in fact started out life down under, and was, in part, borne of revenge. Composer Craig Christie was denied the chance to create a Eurovision entry because he was residing in Australia. Instead of stomping off in a sulk the British passport holder decided to write a musical on his favourite subject instead.

The touring production, which sashays its way to the King’s at the end of April, stars Sally Lindsay (Shelley from Coronation Street) as former Olympic pole-vaulting champion, lifestyle programme hostess and cabaret performer Boyka, who will be presenting the show alongside children’s TV host Sergei (played by local funnyman Craig Hill). There will even be an appearance from everyone’s favourite curmudgeonly commentator Terry Wogan, who will help guide the interactive voting. So, grab a ticket and pin your favourite nation’s colours to the mast – Eurobeat can’t fail to get your vote.

Eurobeat: Almost Eurovision

Kitschtastic Eurovision spoof that cleverly realises the event is already almost a spoof of itself anyway.

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