Interview: Patricia Arquette, ‘This is what criminals are doing and we don't even know what they're capable of'

Interview: Patricia Arquette, ‘This is what criminals are doing and we don't even know what they're capable of'

Taking on computer crime in new TV show CSI: Cyber

CSI: Cyber is the latest, and now only surviving, spin off from the Crime Scene Investigation mega franchise. Once the most watched TV series in the world Cyber offers a new spin as we head into the world of computer crime and online villainy. Particia Arquette plays Avery Ryan heading a new team which also includes James Van Der Beek, Peter MacNicol and for anyone still mourning the demise of the original Vegas CSI Ted Danson will be reviving his role as DB Russell from season two. Arquette explains this new take on a much loved formula.

What sets CSI: Cyber apart from the other CSI shows?
It's really different, and this is the crime today. This is what criminals are doing, and we as a public don't even know what they're capable of. So I think it's pretty chilling, exciting, terrifying to know what it is, and also I think it's interesting to educate yourself.

Do you think it's right time to launch a drama centred on cyber crime?
I think this is perfect timing. I mean people say, "oh, are your shows ripped from the headlines?" Not really, but sometimes we'll be in the middle of a show and then the story will come out. These guys are working with law enforcement. They're working with specialists in the field. They're writing stories that are ahead of the news cycles.

Avery Ryan is based on Cyber-psychologist Mary Aiken. How has Mary's expertise influenced the show?
The way that she profiles people who are in the technology sector of crime is really different than regular criminals on the street. Their whole tool kit is different.

Why is Avery Ryan so good at her job?
There's a certain emotional area she really doesn't want to access, and that's part of why she's kind of honed her skills of profiling other people. It's a great way to keep yourself safe, and also when you're so head based and into knowledge, it keeps you away from your heart a little. So it's kind of interesting playing with when she feels safe to feel something for someone else, but when things start throwing her off is when it's too close to her, and that's fun to play with.

Will fans of the other CSI shows enjoy CSI: Cyber?
I'm excited for them to see this new thing. It has a completely different spin. It has this kind of popping energy with these great, young actors, and it has twists all the time and new information all the time that I don't think you can see coming so easily.

CSI: Cyber premieres on Channel 5, Tue 6 Oct, 10pm.

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