5 Things you might not know about - Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd
  1. Somewhat eccentric from his early years, he often walked backwards all the way from school to his home simply to prove that it could be done.
  2. When he tried this feat of nonsense while on his bicycle, it proved to be less successful. Legend has it that such a bike accident led to his famous protruding teeth, which he later insured for £10,000.
  3. Dodd was the victim of a stalker who posted him a series of indecent photos and a dead rat before setting fire to his Knotty Ash home in 2001.
  4. Despite being an octogenarian, Ken Dodd can perform for anything up to five hours.
  5. At the start of the year, Dodd underwent a successful hernia operation, joking his way back to fitness: ‘The surgeon found my chuckle muscle and said it’s in very good condition.’

Pavilion Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 12 Apr.

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