Pam Ann

Pam Ann

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 13 Apr


Catching up with the jet-setting alter ego of bitchy flight attendant Pam Ann, it soon becomes apparent that she has other things on her mind to do with Glasgow rather than the opening of her brand new show. ‘I was going to see Dame Edna in Glasgow but she cancelled,’ says Caroline Reid, the Australian comic behind the acerbic air hostess. ‘Hopefully I’ll get some of those people coming to see me.’ She laughs while remembering previous gigs in the city. ‘I love them in Glasgow. If I try and do the accent they just laugh and throw beer. I had one guy who was pissed right through the whole show. He kept standing up and slurring “I love you Pam Ann”. And he was straight!’

Her new show, Terror at 41,000 Feet, features the character being superimposed into 70s airline disaster flicks. ‘Gone are the days when you could call a show Terror at 41,000 Feet without people reading into it,’ she considers. ‘It only comes from a really innocent 70s homage to those old plane movies. Also, flying in the 70s, you wouldn’t give a sideward glance to an Arab with a grenade strapped to his waist.’

Speaking of terror, she has her own theory as to why John Smeaton was honoured over his disgruntled colleagues: ‘Smeato was cute.’ More recently though, Pam’s been involved with an advertising campaign for British Airways. ‘They’re always upgrading me,’ she roars. ‘I walk off that plane with more bottles of champagne than they even started with.’

Pam Ann's Flight Attendant Star

The unreliable flight attendant tells more tales of livin' the high life with her new show.

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