Turn your rusty bike into something useful and rescue old treasures at Lighthouse Late

Lighthouse Late programme of talks and workshops announced

One Cycle, One Sew / Hannah Brackston

Workshops from Hannah Brackston and Tea Green, burlesque from Debay De Lux, and talks from smart people

Workshops, talks, burlesque, not to mention a craft market – Lighthouse Late is much more than just hip new bands and an excuse to drink craft beer and gin in a fancy art and design exhibition space (although, we agree, all those things are pretty great too). Full programme details have just been released for the October edition and there’s going to be some really great things happening.

For those interested in repurposing, reworking and reinventing, workshops from visual artist Hannah Brackston and pop-up extraordinaires Tea Green should provide ample inspiration. Brackston works with scrap bike parts and other salvaged materials to make items with either ornamental or functional uses. Specialist jewellers Tea Green have gained a great reputation on the Scottish design scene and will show you how to breathe new life into old treasures.

With the loose theme of ‘Berlin’ around the event, Professor Florian Urban will host a talk on post-war urban design in the German capital and Glasgow, while artist Michael Stumpf will present a talk on two of his recent projects. Designer Rebecca Torres completes the talks lineup, offering her expertise in the use of sports-led fabrics in creating form fitting garments for women that empower.

Back on the Berlin theme, Scottish burlesque and cabaret performer Debay De Lux has created a performance influenced by the ever changing aspects of Berlin culture, from 1920s cabaret, to 70s DIY punk to current underground club cultures.

With all that said, there’s still great music from FOUND, Apache Darling, Supermoon and Spook School to enjoy. And, of course, gin.

The Lighthouse Late is at The Lighthouse, Glasgow, Fri 9 Oct, 7.30pm, £15. Tickets are available via thelighthouse.co.uk/late.

The Lighthouse Late

A fabulous celebration of design, music and cinema sprawling across all five floors of The Lighthouse. This time round the night features Edinburgh experimental electro poppers FOUND, synth pop duo Apache Darling, the new formation of Meursault, Supermoon and the noisy, tuneful and triumphant The Spook School. Not content…

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