Paloma Faith's advice for axed Tom Jones

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  • 24 September 2015
Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith says she comforted a "very upset" Tom Jones after he was sacked from BBC's 'The Voice'

Sir Tom Jones turned to Paloma Faith for advice after being sensationally sacked from 'The Voice'.

The 75-year-old musical legend claimed he was given "no idea" and "no warning" that Boy George was to replace him on the show and new coach Paloma revealed she comforted a "very upset" Tom.

She said: "I spoke to him about it and he was very upset about the way they handled his exit.

"That was sad for him, but I'm sure Tom Jones has got a lot of other things he can be doing because he is a national treasure and a legend. I don't think he will lose too much sleep over it."

And Paloma, 34, revealed she is relishing her new role on the show as she can be "honest without being cruel".

She told the Daily Mirror: "I think I'm good at cultivating people's talent that is there already. I also think I'm honest without being cruel and I think that's quite a good combo for a show like that, because it's not very helpful to tell everyone that everything they do is amazing."

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