The X Factor has a 'finite lifespan'

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  • 23 September 2015
Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway

Richard Holloway, the executive producer of 'The X Factor', has claimed the programme has a "finite lifespan"

'The X Factor' has a "finite lifespan", according to the show's Executive Producer.

Richard Holloway has admitted the popular talent show has a limited shelf-life, but he's confident it could be taken off the air and brought back at a later date and experience the same level of success.

He explained: "'X Factor' sells around the world a lot. It will have a finite lifespan but I think you then rest it then bring it back. It's a bit like 'Family Fortunes' and 'The Price is Right', things like that."

By contrast, Richard - who's also the executive producer of 'Britain's Got Talent' - said the programme has a more sustainable format than 'The X Factor', citing the continuity of the judging panel as proof of his point.

Speaking at a Royal Television Society event in London staged to celebrate his 50-year career in TV, Richard told the Guardian newspaper: "'Britain's Got Talent' as a format is a more engaging format it's got more legs ... it's a multifaceted show, there's a lightness of touch. The panel on 'Britain's Got Talent' are amazing, which is why we've stuck with them."

He added the programme "can run for many more years", explaining "it's our most profitable show in terms of selling it around the world".

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