Re-introducing . . . Spit Fire

Spit Fire

The best nights at new venues in town. This month: Spit Fire

Residents Spit Fire mainstays Keith Martin, Scott McCluskey and Colin Cameron.

Guests ‘We’ve never had any guests,’ says Martin. ‘We just get on with it. We think our taste’s good enough without trying to use a name to sell the club.’

Music policy Classic indie disco, which doesn’t mean baggy and Britpop. ‘LCD Soundsystem, The Go-Betweens, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Soft Cell, The Human League . . .’

What they say ‘Spit Fire was going at the RAF Association club for a couple of years, but that’s closed down now, so we’ve had to find a new home,’ says Martin. ‘After looking at a few places, we decided that Blackfriars Basement would be perfect. It’s a relaxed, friendly venue, the capacity’s about the same (as RAFA) and we didn’t want to put the club in an established city centre venue, anyway. We’d broadly call ourselves an indie club, but it’s very limiting to just play indie rock music within that. There are three DJs at Spit Fire, we all like different music, and we’ll mix things up by playing whatever we feel like, whether it’s Beyoncé or Motown.’

What we say With more social club-based nights springing up in Glasgow and Edinburgh, it’s good news that Spit Fire haven’t let the demise of the old RAFA stop them, and that they’ve moved home to a venue which delivers the same intimate, relaxed atmosphere. Martin doesn’t deny the fact that his night is meant to be just as accessible to the older clubber, but that translates in real terms to a connoisseur’s choice of music and an event which fulfils every requirement of the term ‘social club’.

Spit Fire is at Blackfriars Basement, Glasgow, Fri 11 Apr

Spit Fire

A delectable soundtrack of new and classic indie, punk, pop, rock and electro.

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