Music preview: Nightvision Series 3

Music preview: Nightvision Series 3

Annie Mac Presents returns to Nightvision 28 Nov

A year after the first Nightvision, we talk to co-founders from Musika and Xplicit

It’s been precisely one year at time of writing since Edinburgh clubbing brands Musika and Xplicit relaunched together as Nightvision, and since then they’ve helped rejuvenate Edinburgh’s club scene with the help of some of the city’s mid-level and larger venues. In fact, co-founder Simon McGrath recalls only the first instalment – a Chase & Status headline DJ set at City nightclub on 19 Sep last year – as having a disappointing turnout. ‘But that landed the day after the referendum vote, so it was maybe understandable,’ he says now. ‘Apart from that it’s been generally smooth sailing. Attendances have been great and we’ve seen a lot of people coming from all over Scotland and the North of England for our shows.’

Looking back over the last year, ahead of the launch of Nightvision’s third season this autumn, McGrath says that his favourites dates in the past twelve months have included Noisia at Xplicit’s 10th birthday, the Levon Vincent set last November, the Annie Mac Presents date which sold out the Corn Exchange (it’s back on 28 Nov this year) and the Green Velvet back-to-back show with Eats Everything for Musika’s birthday. ‘Yeah, that was a big highlight,’ says Derek Martin, the Musika half of the team. ‘Such a special night, it was their first ever b2b and it was insane. The atmosphere was one of the best I’ve ever seen in the Liquid Room.’

This autumn’s season is on a roughly similar scale to those they’ve already completed, yet there’s something which feels even more ambitious about it. ‘I would say the main difference isn’t the amount of shows, but having so much more musical diversity this time,’ says McGrath. ‘We’re reaching out to so many different people and hopefully attracting new people to Nightvision that haven’t been to our shows before.’ He and Martin both say they’re perhaps most excited about German techno duo Pan-Pot’s Halloween appearance at the Bongo Club, with dub icon David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan at the Liquid Room on 10 Oct and a typically eclectic five-hour Mr Scruff set at La Belle Angele on 24 Oct also cited.

‘I would say Edinburgh’s club scene is in a more positive position now than it was 18 months ago,’ says McGrath, with agreement from Martin. ‘Apart from us there are a range of promoters putting on a wide selection of musical styles. There seems to be a resurgence of people clubbing in general again, which is refreshing for Edinburgh.’ Already, excitement levels are building about this Autumn’s Nightvision, and only seven of 13 shows have been announced. ‘Onwards and upwards,’ says Martin. ‘We’ll have more venues, more great genre-leading acts and some larger scale shows, too. Nightvision was always a long term project, so we're only really getting started.’

Nightvision launched with Joris Voorn and Route 94 at the Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Sat 19 Sep, and continues with dates across the city until Dec.


The electronic music night created in 2014 by house and techno heavyweights Musika together with bass titans Xplicit returns for a sixth series.