5 Debut Novels

Also Published

Héddi Kaddour - Waltenberg
A bumper espionage thriller between World War I and the Berlin Wall’s collapse featuring a German author, an American singer and a French journalist. Harvill Secker.

Jane Kotapish - Salvage
Narrated by a woman who has decamped from Manhattan to rural Virginia suffering from some childhood demons. And her mother isn’t helping, believing herself to have links to saints in the Dark Ages. Faber.

Alex Chance - The Final Days
Set in Utah, this one features a psychologist who receives letters from a kidnapped child and goes in hot pursuit of a dangerous cult. William Heinemann.

Theresa Rebeck - Three Girls and Their Brother
A family gets sucked into a whirlwind of agents, managers, parties and paparazzi in this showbiz tale. HarperCollins.

Aifric Campbell - The Semantics of Murder
In London, a psychoanalyst is troubled when a patient steals a baby. Serpent’s Tail.

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