Mary Ann Winkowski - When Ghosts Speak (2 stars)

Mary Ann Winkowski - When Ghosts Speak

(Hodder Mobius)


Mary Ann Winkowski has spent the last 50 years assisting earthbound spirits in their passing into The Light, and has more recently acted as a paranormal consultant for popular TV show Ghost Whisperer. In this book she endeavours to set the record straight on the precise nature of these phenomena. Covering the extent of Winkowski’s personal and professional experiences in the field, this memoir turns self-help book in the final chapters, setting out the symptoms of ghostly incursion and offering various curative and preventative measures to try for oneself.

Even for those willing to accept wholeheartedly her accounts as testament to a truth that ghosts walk amongst us, there is little here to entertain. Though plain and direct, Winkowski doesn’t write with any real personality as she rolls through assertions and their supportive accounts. Her chief claim is that the existence of the earthbound spirit is quite mundane; this message comes across loud and clear.

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