Weird Al Yankovic on iron lungs, flossing and karaoke

Weird Al Yankovic on iron lungs, flossing and karaoke

Set to unleash his Mandatory tour, the comedy song star takes our First & Last quiz

Back in 1985, when The List was a mere magazine toddler being gently encouraged into the print world, Weird Al Yankovic was releasing his third comedy album. Now back on tour, he tells us who he’d thank when he wins that inevitable Oscar …

First thing you think of when someone says the year '1985'
Dare to Be Stupid: that was my album that came out in 1985.

Last thing you want to be reminded of about 1985
I should have put all my money into Apple stock back then.

First record you ever bought
FM & AM by George Carlin.

Last extravagant purchase you made
Grande soy caramel macchiato.

First movie you ever went on a date to
The Jerk.

Last time you cried
At the movies, watching the ending of Inside Out.

First thing you do when you’ve got time off work
Play games with my daughter.

Last great meal you cooked
I make a pretty darn good bean burrito.

First crush
Marilyn Juanita Vukelich.

Last book you read
Mo’ Meta Blues by Ahmir Thompson.

First great piece of advice you were given
Don’t pick that, it’ll never heal.

Last time you were starstruck
Meeting Paul McCartney.

First thing you’d do if you ran the country
Delegate my authority to much more competent people.

Last meal on earth: what would it be
Pani Puri and strawberry cobbler.

First film you saw that really moved you
The Maltese Bippy.

Last lie you told
I lied that The Maltese Bippy really moved me.

First song you’ll sing at karaoke
I avoid karaoke like the plague.

Last time you exploited your position to get something
A couple weeks ago, I was standing on the kitchen counter and I figured since I was already up there, I might as well get the salad bowls down from the top cupboard.

First time you realised you were famous
The day after ‘Eat It’ went into heavy rotation on MTV, I noticed people pointing at me as I waited in line at a fast-food place.

Last time someone criticised your work
My concerts get reviewed pretty much every night and I’ve been reading the articles online. Thankfully, they’re all pretty positive!

First three words your friends would use to describe you
‘Well, Al is … ‘

Last time you made an impulse buy and regretted it
I did NOT need that iron lung.

First concert you ever attended
Elton John at the Los Angeles Forum, circa 1975.

Last time you bought someone flowers
My wife, for Mother’s Day.

First object you’d save from your burning home
My computer hard drive.

Last funny thing you saw online
My friend Mike just posted a hilarious video on Instagram.

First job
Accordion teacher and part-time repo man.

Last person you fantasized about
My wife.

First word you spoke
Can’t remember, but I’m going to guess ‘ostensibly’.

Last crime you committed

First book you read for a second time
If I Ran the Circus by Dr Seuss.

Last song at your funeral
‘Karn Evil 9’ by Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

First person you’d thank in an award acceptance speech
The brilliant casting director that had the foresight to hire me for that Oscar-winning movie.

Last thing you recommended to someone

First thing you think of when you wake up in the morning
Where am I?

Last thing you think of before you go to sleep
Did I remember to floss?

Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al parodies popular rock songs in the most amusing and good-natured ways. Think 'Eat It', 'Amish Paradise', 'Another One Rides the Bus', 'Polka Face' and 'Word Crimes'.

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