Gail Porter's pal warned against Celebrity Big Brother

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  • 16 September 2015
Gail Porter

Gail Porter

Gail Porter's best friend Alex Considine claims she tried to talk Gail Porter out of appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' for three months because of her struggles with confrontation

Gail Porter's best friend tried to talk her out of appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' for three months.

Alex Considine was concerned about how the 44-year-old presenter would cope within the highly-pressured environment, especially as she struggles with confrontation.

Alex said: "I thought she was bonkers [when she said she was going in]. I tried to talk her out of it for three months.

"I know Gail really well and when we found out it was going to be the US vs UK, I thought, 'Oh God that's going to be really difficult' because she doesn't like confrontation."

And Alex thinks her friend is being "overshadowed" by the bigger characters in the house and has retreated into herself because she is uncomfortable with all the arguments.

She said: "What you're seeing is the overshadowed Gail. If there's anger going on or things get uncomfortable, she'll retreat.

"If she stays in there a bit longer and the big characters disappear, you'll see her funny side. She's really funny and very giggly."

Gail's fellow housemate Austin Armacost shaved his head out of solidarity for the Scottish star - who suffers from alopecia - but Alex doesn't believe it was a sincere gesture.

She told new! magazine: "It made great viewing but I thought, 'He's a manipulative w***er.'

"I don't think anybody is that nice - it's all for TV and he thought, 'This will really get the Brits on my side'. His hair will grow back, Gail's doesn't."

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