Michaela Strachan protects David Attenborough's wildlife crown

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 September 2015
Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan

Michaela Strachan thinks David Attenborough is a "remarkable" wildlife expert and presenter and "nobody" can top him

Michaela Strachan thinks "nobody" can be the next Sir David Attenborough.

The 'Autumn Watch' presenter believes it's almost impossible to take the BAFTA-winning broadcaster's crown as the world's leading wildlife presenter, despite former SAS trooper Bear Grylls vowing to step forward when David, 89, retires.

Michaela told BANG Showbiz: "It's amazing that they do three years series of David Attenborough. That's a risk isn't it? He's in his 80s. He's absolutely remarkable. But I think David was a time. Nobody is going to be the next David Attenborough.

"Bear Grylls was saying that he wanted to be the next David. Poor guy, he probably said a lot of other things and that got picked up. But David, we all adore him because we've all grown up with him."

Richard Hammond has also thrown his hat into the ring with his new show 'Jungle Quest' that airs on Sky 1 on Wednesday (16.09.15).

But Michaela, 49, has backed her old 'The Really Wild Show' co-host Chris Packham to fill the void left by Attenborough - whose career has spanned seven decades, including nine seasons of BBC natural history programme 'Life' - if he wants to.

Speaking at 'National Lottery Stars', she said: "Everybody's different. You've get Chris Packham, he's absolutely brilliant and his wildlife knowledge is phenomenal and he's a tireless campaigner and outspoken. So he could be a different David Attenborough."

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