Top Gear trio 'charged' about new motoring show

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  • 14 September 2015
Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond

Former 'Top Gear' host Richard Hammond has revealed that he and his pals Jeremy Clarkson and James May are "charged" about their new car show on Amazon Prime

Richard Hammond and his former 'Top Gear' colleagues are "charged" about their new car show on Amazon Prime.

The 45-year-old TV host, who's reunited with Jeremy Clarkson and James May for the much-anticipated new series, has revealed the presenting trio can't wait to bring their ideas to fruition for the streaming service.

Richard - who left the BBC following Jeremy's sacking earlier this year - shared: "The point is an amazing opportunity has come along to reinvent what we do and we're all just charged.

"It's kind of wonderful that at our stage in life and career, we've got the opportunity to do exactly that, when otherwise you might not."

The popular presenter said the programme is still in its developmental phase and that there's been a "flurry of excitement and activity" behind the scenes.

He told ITV's 'This Morning': "It's not so much that I won't talk about it.

"There isn't yet ... we're heads down workers. It's an absolute flurry of excitement and activity."

And following the presenter's unceremonious exit from the BBC, Richard is eager to return to hosting a motoring show.

He said: "What we made before is expensive. The value in TV is ideas. What a brilliant time to be making shows about cars on television.

"The industry is undergoing tremendous change and television itself, likewise, is undergoing a huge sea-change. And to be reporting on a changing industry from within a changing industry is a massive challenge."

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