Kanye Who? Nicki for President

Kanye Who? Nicki for President

Forget about Kanye's plans for presidency, our writer Emily Reynolds thinks Nicki Minaj is a far better candidate

As you probably know, Kanye West recently declared his intention to run for president. It was met, quite predictably, with ridicule. I’m actually all for it - he’s eloquent, smart and cares about loads of important issues – but I couldn’t help think there might be a better, if not more controversial, candidate. Nicki Minaj. Here’s why.

She’s not afraid to speak her mind...

We already know she’s not afraid of getting aggressive when she needs to, meaning she’d be the perfect person to play hard ball in difficult diplomatic situations. ISIS, what’s good?

Kanye Who? Nicki for President

...but she’s also got diplomacy down too

That self centred Taylor Swift tweet could have caused a full on Miley Cyrus style showdown. But Nicki handled it with decorum and dignity and they made up. This could be a useful skill for Nicki come 2020 when she’ll be handling delicate foreign affairs. There’ll probably not be a carnival-themed showdown when she meets Benjamin Netanyahu but, yknow. Baby steps.

Kanye Who? Nicki for President

She’s a great female role model

There are a lot of boring think pieces out there discussing whether Nicki Minaj is a feminist or not. Let’s settle this once and for all: she is. Her lyrics aren’t always perfect (whose are?) but she spends loads of time talking to and about women, empowering them to educate themselves, enjoy their own bodies and, basically, do whatever the fuck they want. 'Anaconda', a brilliant piece of sex-positive feminist pop, subverts the standard rap video stuff by acknowledging it and turning it on its head. Interviews upon interviews on YouTube show Nicki talking to women about college, not letting men put you down, and about the restrictive, patriarchal standards of the music industry. Who better to represent the American woman in 2020?

Kanye Who? Nicki for President

Plus? We’re pretty sure her butt is better than any of the current presidential candidates’. What more could you want?

Nicki 2020 …


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