Sarah Jessica Parker's NY moan

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 6 April 2008

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker says New York "isn't what it used to be".

Despite living in the city, the actress - who is famed for playing sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw in New York-based hit US TV show 'Sex and the City' - thinks the 'Big Apple' has become far too expensive.

She said: "New York is a really hard city, and it's very expensive and it's not what it used to be. That's why the outer boroughs are so desirable. The outer boroughs are pretty sexy."

Meanwhile, Sarah Jessica Parker has revealed she never diets.

The actress - who will reprise her role as Carrie in the movie version of the series, which is released in May - says despite her lithe figure, she rarely watches what she eats.

She said: "I eat everything. I'm just an eater. If it's free, I honestly eat everything. The other night I had steak and some lamb shank. And I had some roasted chicken and some cassoulet and some profiteroles and some ice cream and some cheesecake."

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