Peter Capaldi wants David Bowie Doctor Who cameo

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  • 11 September 2015
Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi has revealed that he would love to have David Bowie guest star on 'Doctor Who'

Peter Capaldi wants David Bowie to guest star on 'Doctor Who'.

The 57-year-old actor is gearing up for his second season as the titular character in the sci-fi series and while the show has had a number of high profile guest stars over the years, Peter's number one choice would be musician Bowie.

Speaking at a screening for the upcoming series in London on Thursday (10.09.15), Peter - who plays the Twelfth Doctor - said: "I think we should have David Bowie. I think he would be a very good one."

Meanwhile, showrunner Steven Moffat revealed he hasn't ruled out a musical episode, although he insisted he will never oversee a live one.

He said: "Who knows - anything could happen, I guess. It's a hard one. A musical 'Doctor Who'. It's like saying, 'do you know what this show isn't - it's just not camp enough.'

"Anything is possible, that's the extraordinary thing about 'Doctor Who'."

But when asked what adventures he would give the Doctor and his sidekick Clara (Jenna Coleman) in a live episode, Steven quipped: "I think I'd give them the adventure of the next showrunner. And I wish them the BEST of luck.

"I wouldn't do it, I've gotta be honest - I'd run like hell from that, because the thing you don't know about 'Doctor Who' is the state it's in when we sign it off.

"The postproduction on 'Doctor Who' - it's like a whole other show. All these geniuses come in and make it into this completely real world.

"In the case of Doctor Who, we would be denied the creative input of some of the greatest postproduction crew on the planet. Why the hell would I wanna lose those guys?"

'Doctor Who' series 9 begins on BBC One on Saturday 19 September.

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