Example believes album is unimportant for electronic music fans

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  • 10 September 2015
Example with wife Erin

Example with wife Erin McNaught at Nando's Music Exchange party

Example believes the album is no longer important to fans of electronic music fans and he thinks the format will die out in the future in that genre

Example believes the album is dying out in electronic music.

The 'One More Day (Stay with Me)' hitmaker is currently putting the finishing touches to his sixth studio LP but he thinks the format will cease to be important in that genre of music in the future because fans just want big singles.

Speaking to BANG Showbiz at the Nando's Music Exchange launch party in London on Thursday night (09.09.15), he said: "There are acts out there now who haven't even released their first album yet who are smashing it. I mean look at Sigma, they've had like three number ones, I think they've released six or seven singles in the last year, so they're absolutely killing it globally - bookings everywhere, DJ sets, live shows and you know for maybe some die-hard fans there's some demand for an album, maybe for other people they don't care, they just want more singles.

"But as an artist I think sometimes you want to release an album, but you know, if I was Sigma right now I'd just think what's the point, just keep doing more singles."

However, Example does think the album will continue to thrive among rock fans because they still appreciate the long-player format and want to invest in a musical "story".

The rapper - who attended the bash with his wife Erin McNaught -added: "I think rock bands definitely will, maybe singer/songwriters will, but electronic acts - even though there's a lot of electronic acts out there who want to tell a story over the course of an album - I think most electronic music fans don't really care. You know, for drum and bass and house, the fans just want to pick their favourite songs and put them in an album with their other favourite songs. Whereas with rock acts, I think people still want to listen to the whole album and see what the story is, they want to buy into it.

"I'm not frustrated by it, I'm cool, but it is a case that I'm trying to second guess what the next move is, but I'm just focused right now on putting out good songs that I'm proud of, that I'm a fan of and that I think I'd want to hear."

Example is working with restaurant chain Nando's and London live venue Roundhouse on the music initiative, which has been set up to support up and coming young musicians in the UK.

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