Theatre preview: Dragon

Theatre preview: Dragon

credit: Peter Dibdin

Vox Motus favourite returns to breathe fire and warm hearts

Having completed a successful run at the Edinburgh International Festival, Oliver Emanuel's much loved creation returns for an Autumn tour. In collaboration with masters of visual theatre Vox Motus, National Theatre of Scotland and Tianjin Children's Art Theatre, Emanuel eschews a conventional narrative for a visual feast of physical storytelling.

Fusing incredible puppetry with bold scenography, it tells the tale of Tommy, a teenage boy who navigates a painful path through isolation when his mother dies. Emanuel's script, however, does not use verbal language, but relies on movement and Vox Motus' magical use of the stage set to suggest a young man's world that is full of fear, anger and isolation.

A phenomenal young ensemble including Martin McCormick, Gavin Jon Wright and Scott Miller in the title role provide a defiantly unsentimental look at loss, love and the resilience of self-belief, which has already appealed to all ages, bar the really wee ones.

Guy Bishop and Jamie Harrison's gorgeously designed puppets breathe fire into a unique, beautiful and moving show, which takes Tommy through the stages of grief and towards a final redemption. And barely a word is spoken until the final moments.


The story of young Tommy who, one night, discovers a dragon outside his bedroom window.